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All about ultradeals.shop

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Ultradeals is just like an online shopping mall or high street. To save you time and effort from trawling around all your favorite high street stores websites we try to make it a little easier for you. We select some of the best stores as partners and bring all their products into one single site.

"We want to help you find the right product/s with the best price and deal!"

You bring all the products into a single site, what do you mean?

Ok, lets take clothing and say t-shirts as an example. You are looking for a t-shirt and normally you have to visit many stores websites to find one that you like. You have to keep popping from one to another and then often back again to compare the items you like. Well what we do is place all the t-shirts from our partners in one single website and section called t-shirts (we do this for many categories, from clothing to electricals). You don't need to go to the partners store site until you've chosen the product you want. Also to make it as easy as possible, when you select the 'Go directly to offer' button we take you directly to your chosen product on their site, there's no need to waste time trying to search and find it again!

What if my favorite store isn't one of your partners?

That's a great question. We are a new site and already have around 100,000 products available, including size and colour variations. We are adding new partners all the time, see the latest list. We aim to bring you as many partners as possible but this takes time and they need to have the technical ability to provide their products to us. But today we are focusing on the larger store brands and partners that will give a wide selection and choice and not forgetting deals. If you have a favorite that isn't included you can always let us know and we'll see what we can do, but we can't promise. You can do this through our 'contact us' page.

How up to date are your prices and deals?

We receive product data/information from our partners at least once daily. As soon as we receive this we update our website. We try to ensure that the prices and deals that you see are as up to date as possible. However sometimes you might find a price we show isn't the same, this might happen if they change a price during the day and before we receive the updated information. If this happens please tell us and we will change it as quickly as possible, once we've checked it out of course. You can also do this via our 'contact us' page.

Do you ever have exclusive deals and offers?

The simple answer is yes we do. Often our partners give us special prices and or voucher codes that you won't find on their site. That's a pretty good reason to check out ultradeals first when you're shopping online.......don't you think!

But why do you sometimes have exclusive deals and offers that aren't available directly on their website?

That's another tricky one. Well to be honest we don't know exactly. We like to think it's because they value our website. Maybe we should ask them sometime but as long as they do we'll keep offering you some of the best prices and deals available from your favorite stores!

So who delivers my order?

If you place an order from one of our partner websites they will take care of you and your order will come from them directly. We show you the products, deals and promotions but once we've handed you over to them it's their responsibility to look after you.

Why should I use the 'Go to Store' button and what about those 'cookies'?

Well you don't have to use the 'Go to Store' button but it certainly makes it easier for you. We take you to the exact page to save you time. Plus sometimes if there's an exclusive deal you might not get it unless you use the button. As for 'cookies', well we use these to ensure our partner knows that you arrived there from us. This is needed to ensure that we get our small commission, well we have to make our money somehow to ensure that we can keep our website going. Unfortunately nothing is for free, well for us that is. In this instance there's no downside for you because you get the deals you want and there's nothing on top....except maybe for the delivery but that depends on the partner.

I can't think of anymore questions at the moment, but what if I want to ask something else later on?

That's no problem at all :) Please feel free to use our 'contact us' form and we'll try our best to answer your questions as quickly as we can. This should be no longer than about 24 hours, but it really depends on how many questions we might receive at anyone time.

All the very best and happy shopping!
from the ultradeals.shop team